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What is PARAW?


Paraw DAO is a play-to-earn and metaverse game aggregator linking guilds, games and gamers via Paraw’s comprehensive network of media channels, sponsored competitions, tournaments and promotions.

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About Paraw

Paraw DAO is a gateway to Web3; the world of crypto and NFTs.

Paraw DAO is building an ever-expanding social media footprint to communicate with members and promote events, sponsorships, and brands.

Brand owners and marketers are given co-branding and sponsorship opportunities to engage a growing community of gamers and crypto enthusiasts.

Community members can join tournaments and win prize money, receive NFT giveaways and future airdrops of ParawDAO tokens.

Settle into Paraw DAO

Your Choice. Your Move

Discover and explore enterprises of our token network in a rich, practical, and diverse learning environment.

Have fun and earn in a platform and distribution network to showcase your skills in games, tournaments, and festivals.


Have fun and earn in a platform and distribution network to showcase your skills in games, tournaments, and festivals.

Our Community

The Paraw outrigger boats were instrumental in the settlement of peoples in the Philippines and Malay archipelagos. It was used for cargo and trading. ParawDAO is instrumental in settling its members in its token network of blockchain technology. It thrives in a tokenized economy of gaming. earning, and trading.


In Web3 gaming, growth and distribution is usually achieved through player referrals and partnerships with guilds. We help P2E games gain increased daily active users through scholarships, online marketing, and media channel distribution. ParawDAO selects which games to support by looking at three factors: the quality of the game, the strength of the community, and the robustness of the game economy.


At Paraw DAO, we intent to recognize and reward community members with free NFT drops that assign benefits to recipients. These NFT’s will unlock a social layer where members can interact and connect with each other.


To stay true to its ideals and create a sustainable and profitable future, we must focus on two principles.

First, we help users become self-custodians of their assets — they own it and must retain control over it.

Second, we help users adopt a truly decentralized and easy-to-use crypto wallet that is secure and transparent . The service will be supported by about half a dozen technologies, including blockchain and various software applications and DeFi protocols. It will offer a suite of decentralized services, including savings tools and NFT wallets.


Our community building involves organizing tournaments and teams for e-sports as well as NFT leaderboards. Our aim is to assemble all-star teams in blockchain gaming. We offer security and great incentives particularly assets not easily accessed.


Paraw is a decentralized autonomous organization that is managed by code. Token holders are accorded the right to particpate in governance, particularly for policy direction. Rules are enforced by smart contracts that execute protocols automatically.

As a community owned and governed DAO, our aim is to promote adoption and use of blockchain technologies and applications built on them in areas of gaming , DeFi, NFTs and investments.


The concept of an ownership economy, a system where power and economic rewards are distributed between participants as opposed to concentrated at the top.

Philosophically, the idea of a more participatory capitalist system has been upheld as an answer to economic disparity as well as the modern world’s quest for meaning and a more fulfilling existence. Similar to the internet, new token-based business models will make economic opportunities accessible to a much broader swath of people, while creating entirely new and unforeseen use cases and applications

Road Map

2022 [Q2]

  • Organize tournament to launch Paraw DAO
  • Community development, Guild collaborations.
  • Launch Website
  • Publish WP
  • Acquire grants & partnerships

2022 [Q3]

  • Establish DAO operating model
  • Launch Governance token
  • Move to scaleable online platform
  • Onboard key personnel
  • Grow social media presence and establish media channel partners.

2022 [Q4]

  • Onboard additional games, brand partnerships and sponsors.
  • Launch sponsored game tournaments
  • Grow guild partnerships and build on extending network
  • Introduce Move-to-Earn type games with Paraw DAO initiatives.

2023 [Q1]

  • Establish game specific sub-DAOs
  • Expand selection of supported games
  • More tournaments and events
  • Branch out to provincial centers


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